“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

The Value of an ACE Education

“Empowered by a holistic education, my child has blossomed into a resilient advocate for themselves. At ACE, emotional intelligence takes center stage, fostering a unique journey where every voice is heard, and every heart is nurtured. I can’t fathom a more enriching environment for their growth and self-discovery.” – Ashley

ACE Academy

K-8 education curated to empower students with the skills and tools they need to succeed, by providing them with culturally responsive curriculum and experiences that foster collaboration, advocacy, and lifelong learning, with the ultimate goal of promoting global citizenship, innovation, and civic engagement.

12 Month Rate

1:12 Ratio

Student Discount on After Care

Whole Child Academy

An immersive and dynamic early learning experience for children ages 4-5, using a unique multi-philosophy approach centered around community, play, self-regulation, and integrating subject matters through student-led learning to support the development of lifelong learners at all ability levels.

12 Month Rate

1:8 Ratio

Student Discount on After Care

Achievement Academy

Innovative and intentional after-school and summer care for children aged 5-12, rooted in holistic approaches to child care, academics, and development, and providing individualized attention to meet each child’s unique needs, helping them to achieve their full potential both personally and academically.

After School Care

Summer Care

Holiday Day Camps

Equitable Admissions

Financial Aid

As part of our progressive philosophy, we prioritize the holistic well-being of our students and their families, addressing not only intellectual needs but also social and emotional aspects. Acknowledging the financial challenges many families face, we remain dedicated to making ACE Academy accessible to all. In pursuit of this commitment, we offer a tuition subsidy, akin to “work study”. It’s important to note that we intentionally use the term “subsidized” instead of “scholarship” to accurately reflect the financial arrangement.

Our subsidized tuition program is directly funded by the school itself, without involvement from external community partners, tax dollars, or donations. This demonstrates our school’s commitment to allocating its own resources to provide financial assistance, grounded in a thorough understanding of our families’ financial situations.

We understand that discussing tuition adjustments and payment structures can be sensitive, recognizing that financial circumstances vary for each family. Our commitment extends to working collaboratively with families to find tailored solutions that address their unique needs. Open and honest communication about tuition obligations is encouraged, and our team is here to offer support and guidance in navigating financial matters. Rest assured, our school is unwavering in its dedication to supporting our families while maintaining financial stability.

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