What is

The Collective

A synergy of the three separate education programs, ACE Academy, Achievement Academy and Whole Child Academy, all of which share a commitment to authentic relationships, community, equity, inclusion, student-centered learning, accurate teachings, and educating the whole child through integrated social and emotional learning.

Always Conscious

Our focus on social and emotional learning, mindfulness, and creating a safe and inclusive learning environment where students feel seen, heard, and valued for who they are as individuals.

Always Equitable

Our dedication to promoting equity and diversity in all aspects of education, from our admissions process to our curriculum development to student support and beyond.

Always Authentic

Our belief in the importance of student voice and choice, encouraging students to be themselves and express their ideas and opinions in a supportive and collaborative environment.


Always Accurate

Our commitment to providing students with factually correct information and knowledge that is relevant and up-to-date.


We are Committed to Providing High-Quality Educational Based Care!

With all three programs under one collective, we aim to create a more seamless and unified experience for our families, promoting collaboration and integration between programs while fostering a sense of community. Rather than existing in separate silos, our programs will be able to work together more closely and efficiently, allowing us to better meet the diverse needs of our families and provide a more convenient and cohesive educational experience for our students.


We’re excited to offer three distinct programs catering to the diverse needs of families in our community, including pre-K, K-8 Schooling and after-school and summer programs, all designed to offer exceptional education and support for your child’s growth and success.

Choose How You Do Community!

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