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Whole Child Academy.

Achievement Academy.

The ACE Collective

A synergy of three separate education programs that share a commitment to authentic relationships, community, equity, inclusion, student-centered learning, accurate teachings, and educating the whole child through integrated social and emotional learning.

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About Us

since 2020

ACE Academy is a small yet growing secular private school in Sioux Falls. Founded in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and looking to solve big problems through community, ACE Academy has consistently pioneered modern education in South Dakota. ACE is currently continuing this mission as it provides holistic services for children from pre-K through 8th grade. 


Our Mission

To deliver strengths focused education in a cooperative learning community that centers equity, whole community wellness, and authentic relationships through a decolonized lens that inherently supports the critical balances between diversity and cooperation, and freedom and responsibility. Allowing for full individualism within a context of community accountability.


Our Vision

To empower students to strive, thrive, advocate, and collaborate through relevant and culturally responsive curriculum and experiences for the purpose of promoting global citizenship, innovation, civic engagement and lifelong learning as a means to positively impact the world.

The Collective

There for Every Stage

Three unique program options to meet the diverse needs of families in our community. Whether you are looking for a Pre-Kindergarten Program, K-8 Schooling, After-School Care, or a Summer Program, we have a conscious program that can provide the high-quality education and support that your child deserves.

Year-round 4-5 Pre-Kindergarten

K-8 Full-Day Schooling

After-School Care

Summer Programming

ACE Academy

Curated to empower students with the skills and tools they need to succeed, by providing them with culturally responsive curriculum and experiences that foster collaboration, advocacy, and lifelong learning, with the ultimate goal of promoting global citizenship, innovation, and civic engagement.

Achievement Academy

Innovative and intentional after-school and summer care for children aged 5-12, rooted in holistic approaches to child care, academics, and development, and providing individualized attention to meet each child’s unique needs, helping them to achieve their full potential both personally and academically.

Whole Child Academy

An immersive and dynamic early learning experience for children ages 4-5, using a unique multi-philosophy approach centered around community, play, self-regulation, and integrating subject matters through student-led learning to support the development of lifelong learners at all ability levels.

There’s lots of fantastic numbers. And yet, the best reason to join the ACE Collective is that we’ll never treat your child like one!

Engaged Learners


Letter Grades or Standardized Tests

Learn Within The Safety of Community!

Shared Values. Engaged Families.

ACE Collective programs reflect the values of the local community, providing a sense of familiarity and belonging for students with smaller class sizes and a more intimate learning environment, along with strong ties to the surrounding community.

Education is Activism!

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow”.

– John Dewey

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